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It’s not just another hotel in Lisbon. It is the Palácio do Governador (Governor’s Palace, in English), with 60 different rooms near the Tagus river in the historic centre of Belém, one of the most beautiful and emblematic areas of the portuguese capital. This emblematic boutique hotel revives a unique historical heritage, whilst investing in quality, intimacy and refinement. EBuilt on the site of the former house of the governor of the Tower of Belém, exquisitely restored, on top of roman ruins probably from the 1st to the 5th century, the Palácio do Governador is a palatial building with a reception that once was a chapel, a restaurant with original domes as ceilings and contemporary SPA that’s linked to the ancient thermal traditions of Mediterranean cultures.

Outside, two swimming pools - one for adults, another for children - underscore the promise of leisure and recreation, making this Lisbon hotel even more unique and exclusive. The gardens with their reflecting pools offer a serene and idyllic setting in the middle of the city, contributing to a richer experience for the hotel’s guests and visitors.

Close to the Tagus and national historic monuments, Palácio do Governador is the natural choice for anyone who wants to be in Lisbon, near everything, from culture to leisure and far enough from the frenzy of the city centre.

The entrance is through the courtyard where the “cetárias” (stone tubs) of the ancient roman fish sauce factory, “garum”, exported in amphoras to the entire roman world. The lobby reception is located in the former Chapel, its walls pannelled with portuguese tiles restored to their original beauty, accompanied by the original choir stall and double-height ceilings. Meanwhile beneath the courtyard lies another impressive surprise: the Felicitas SPA, a 1,200 square meter facility, where preserved Roman vestiges stand watch over a heated 25-meter indoor pool with dynamic water jets, and which offers chromo-therapy, sauna, Turkish bath, therapy rooms and a gym.
The genuine historic and architectural value is revealed in each of the five floors of the hotel: on the vaulted ceilings of the restaurant room, on the successive arches of the ground floor rooms and on the wainscoting tiles in the living rooms and suites. The balconies facing south offer the guests and visitors a privileged terrace overlooking the outdoor pool, the Belém Tower and the Tagus river.

If you are looking for a five star hotel in Belém, Lisbon, the Palácio do Governador guarantees the best stay in a hotel that breathes history, refinement and luxury, just 2 minutes walk to Belem Tower.

Design and Architectural Details of Palácio do Governador

The architecture of the hotel is rooted in historical remnants dating back to 1st and 5th centuries BC, when the location was home to a fish sauce factory, exporting amphorae of "garum" to the entire Roman world. And yet, the building itself appears timeless: the current edifice is believed to have been erected as far back as the fifteen hundreds, when it became the residence of the Governors of the Tower of Belém. With the guiding ambition of recreating the elegance and splendour of the glorious Age of the Discoveries, the architecture and decor of this new boutique hotel combine comfort and contemporary elements with the preserved history and historical vestiges to provide an unforgettable experience. In fact, from its very onset this construction project aimed to maintain and preserve the site’s historical elements, including the Roman remains unearthed during the preliminary excavations undertaken by ERA-Arqueologia. And, hence, this legacy itself served as a guiding thread in developing the hotel’s unique identity.

The ceilings of the halls of the Palácio do Governador preserve the painted woodwork and their walls the azulejo wainscoting of yesteryear - wholly resorted by Cerâmica de Carcavelos. To the original U-shaped edifice, which enfolds the courtyard, a new, contemporary floor was added, in zinc, with architectural detailing evocative of seagoing vessels.

An hotel to (re)discover history, culture and refinement in Belém, Lisbon.

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Melhor Destino City Break na Europa cinco anos consecutivos, capital destacada em todos os media internacionais, destino eleito por milhares de visitantes, Lisboa é uma menina e moça cheio de charme e carácter, cidade das sete colinas que se gosta de percorrer a pé ou de eléctrico. Com propostas díspares, oferece as infraestruturas modernas de uma cidade cosmopolita, oferece um clima ameno todo o ano, um ambiente único, uma vida nocturna fantástica e uma oferta cultural rica.


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BerkshireOtter, Berkshire

"History and luxury in beautiful Belem"

This is a fabulous hotel in the old world splendour of Belem in lovely sunny Lisbon. It is the antithesis of souless bland corporate hotels as it exudes character from genuine Roman remains through to its staring role as the home of the Governor of the naval tower of Belem during Portugal's famous Age of discoveries. Recently renovated and opened the arcitects have done a terrific job of blending old and new. Similarly the interior designer has a great eye for colour in a sophisticated palate of navy, white, and beige with turquoise and metalic accents. The staff are friendly, helpful and efficient and the house keeping team keep the hotel to an impressively high standard. The outside pool and sundeck are very attractive and the indoor spa takes full advantage of the centuries of history carried in the very walls. We also enjoyed the fresh and sophisticated meals and experimented with creative cocktails created by the expert barman.


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